Why women in business matter

More and more research from around the world is showing beyond doubt that gender equality is good for everyone – for women and men, boys and girls, for communities, businesses and economies.

When women earn money, communities thrive around them

Women’s participation and presence in the labour market is an increasingly significant driver of economic growth and development.

When women earn money it creates a ripple effect and the communities thrive around them. That’s because women who earn money spend on providing additional support to their family, especially children. That means that their children are more likely to survive infancy, be healthier, go to school for longer and have better employment opportunities – which means their children also grow up to become women and men who have overall higher levels of wellbeing.

What the research says

Research from the World Bank, the United Nations, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and others demonstrate that the real drivers of the economy are women — as business leaders, employees, consumers, and entrepreneurs. Investing in women can yield a significant boost in economic growth, otherwise known as “the gender dividend.”

According to findings published by PNG’s Business Coalition For Women (BCFW), companies with more female board members earn 26 per cent more from investments than those with fewer women; and operating profits are 56 per cent higher for international firms with more women their boards. Download a copy of the BCFW’s Women in Leadership poster here.


Source: www.globalsisters.org