Joyce Kiage, Tailoring entrepreneur, PNG

Photo caption: Winner of the Westpac Outstanding Women SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award, Joyce Kiage, runs a successful tailoring business in PNG.

Joyce Kiage
Tailoring entrepreneur, PNG
Winner of the 2015 Westpac Outstanding Women SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award

Before Joyce Kiage became a successful businesswoman she was a cashier in her former husband’s locksmith shop. At that time, a chance meeting with a woman selling meri blouses led to Joyce asking the woman to teach her how to sew. She used the proceeds from the first clothing items she sold to invest in buying additional materials and sewing equipment. The rest is history and Joyce now runs a successful tailoring business that provides sewing services and makes uniforms for major businesses.

Joyce’s phenomenal business expansion has been driven largely by instinct, her commitment to service and a commitment to investing profits back into the business. Her goal is to expand her business so that one day she can own a garment factory.

Joyce believes her success was driven by a need to provide for her children as a single parent and fund tuition at a quality school. After marrying young and leaving school early, her dream is for her children to attain a high level of education.

With the proceeds of her business, Joyce has also built a new large church building in her home village of Chimbu.