Shehana Kimiangatau, Shahana Pearls

As a young girl, Shehana Kimiangatau was inspired by her mother’s love of jewellery. That passion has grown into a business she loves – Shahana Pearls – specialising in unique, luxury jewellery.

Maria Rova, Artist & Managing Director, Sigavou Studios, Fiji

Artist, Maria Rova, has transformed her love of painting into a successful contemporary art business – Sigavou Studios – which reflects the vibrancy of Fiji in various mediums and contexts.

Gustavia Lui, Managing Director, Staavias

Samoan/Tuvaluan businesswoman, Gustavia Lui, always loved shoes but found it almost impossible to find stylish shoes to fit her long, wide feet. In 2016, Gustavia launched Staavias – an online store specialising in handcrafted women’s shoes in sizes 10 to 14.

Penny Sage-embo, Director, Joy’s Social Training Institute, PNG

Penny Sage-embo is the Founder and Director of Joy’s Social Training Institute – an organisation that seeks to promote gender equity and prevent violence against women in PNG.

Sachiko Soro Director, VOU

Sachiko Soro is the Founder and Director of VOU – Fiji’s most versatile and internationally renowned performance dance company.

Letila Mitchell, Managing and Artistic Director, TiPau Ltd

In TiPau Ltd’s RakoDesigns was the winner of the 2015 Fiji Fashion Entrepreneur Award – cementing the business’ growing reputation as a social enterprise that creates beautiful, unique and ethical practices. TiPau’s Managing and Artistic Director, Letila Mitchell, shares her business success story.

Agnes Loheni, Managing Director, MENA International Ltd, Samoa

MENA is a family-owned, contemporary fashion brand that reflects and celebrates the South Pacific’s vibrant and enriching heritage. Managing Director, Agnes Loheni, shares her insights and experience about running a business.

Sukhia Tuimaleali’ifano Go, Handicrafts, Fiji

After attending the Pacific Women in Business Conference, Sukhia started a handicraft business and quickly increasing her employee base from two to 11.

Joyce Kiage, Tailoring entrepreneur, PNG

The Winner of the Westpac Outstanding Women SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award is a self-taught tailor with a thriving business and dreams to own her own garment factory.

Jelena Uraru, Next of Kin Productions, PNG

PNG businesswoman, Jelena Uraru, shares her business story, reflecting on the importance of money discipline, innovation and balancing work and family life.