Penny Sage-embo, Director, Joy’s Social Training Institute, PNG

Penny Sage-embo
Director, Joy’s Social Training Institute
Location: Port Moresby
Year established: 2014

Joy’s Social Training Institute aims to help women in Papua New Guinea by empowering and motiviating them through awareness raising, counselling, formal supervision and focused training programs for businesses and the community. Joy’s founder, Penny Sage-embo, is focused on social issues that affect women in the Pacific, specifically domestic violence in PNG.

When did you start your business?

I initiated in 2014 July but got documents completed in 2016.

Who are your customers?

We focus on women involved in business and addressing gender issues such as violence against women in PNG. We also aim to educate men targeting different groups/categories, youths, women and communities on gender equalities and the roles and responsibilities of women today in business world, through awareness, trainings, sessions and counselling making sure the society understand and change their mindsets for better tomorrow.

What inspired you start your own business?

I started my own business because of my skills, profession and the nature of work that I am involved in. I am a counsellor and trainer in the field of social work. I also believe that women are becoming vulnerable and therefore, I this institution will focus on supporting women in business. I feel that the work that I do is more important to help women just like me who face violence in their daily life and at most times they don’t achieve what they want to achieve in life such as violence hinders them in business, work, or personal lives.

What advise do you give to women wanting to set up a business in the Pacific?

I would say that women have to do risk assessments as the first and foremost thing to do. This includes looking into things such as who you should involve, looking at short-term and long-term goals, skills and knowledge, ownership, who are their target customers, is the business in demand and the location of the business etc.

What advice do you give to women about running a business?

The beginning is always the hardest so don’t give up. Believe in life and yourself that you can do it.

Have you received any awards or accolades?

I received the Trukai Community Responsibility Award from Westpac in 2014 for my community initiative project Tembari Children’s Care INC. which focuses on abandoned and orphaned children.

Are there any other factors that women should be aware of when working in the Pacific?

I feel that violence is one of the things that is hindering women’s advancement in individual lives so for me I believe that my business will help women in the Pacific and it will be a great help to the women who will access this service.

Women also have the potential to manage a business and if it comes within a person’s heart let us all rise up, believe in ourselves that together we can do it.

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