Business Coalition for Women (PNG)

The PNG Business Coalition for Women is a business membership organisation focused on driving positive change for women and businesses in PNG. The organisation provides practical and relevant tools and services for PNG business to help them recruit, retain and promote women as employees, leaders, and business owners in their value chains. Key priorities of the Business Coalition are to:

  1. Ensure that all workplaces are free from violence and that PNG businesses are supporting staff who experience family and sexual violence.
  2. Innovate and promote gender smart workplace policies and practices in order to create more opportunities for women to have better jobs and to catalyze business growth through better access to talent.
  3. Promote career development of women into leadership positions through mentoring and other talent development initiatives.
  4. Expand opportunities for women owned businesses in supply and distribution networks.

BCFW has also developed resources to save businesses money by systematically supporting staff impacted by family and sexual violence. These resources included a Model HR Policy on Family and Sexual Violence, Training and Consulting services to help businesses effectively implement the model policy, and a legal guide on family and sexual violence for employers and employees in PNG.

The Business Coalition for Women also published Black Eyes Cost Business: The Business Rationale for Addressing Family and Sexual Violence. Download a copy of the document here.

For more information including on how to become a member contact: or