Superannuation and insurance

In most Pacific Island countries, it is a mandatory legal requirement that you have the right superannuation (sometimes referred to as pension) and insurances in place to cover both you and your staff. In each Pacific country, women should seek to understand what funds are available to them and what their entitlements under those funds may be, particularly with regard to spousal entitlements.

What is superannuation and how do I set up payments?

Superannuation is a regular payment made into a fund by an employee towards a future pension. It’s important to make the right contributions and ensure your staff also contribute the amount that is legally required from their salaries, so they will have money put aside for when they retire or can no longer work.
As an employer, it is your responsibility to pay superannuation contributions (as a percentage of your employee’s salary) into a government-approved superannuation fund.

To set up superannuation payments:

  1. Determine the super fund your business will use, get staff to complete a superannuation form, and submit it to the relevant fund (including your employee’s tax file/identification number);
  2. Set up your super payments in your accounting system – You will be required to make quarterly payments into your staff’s super fund and keep records of all payments made; and
  3. Don’t forget to pay yourself, and any partners or family members who are working for you as well. Women are likely to accumulate less superannuation than men. Our longer life expectancy means many women are left without enough superannuation to support a comfortable retirement. It is important to look after your own future, as well as that of your employees.

Business Insurance

Business insurance protects you from the many unexpected things that can go wrong in business. Unfortunately, many small businesses are underinsured, or not insured at all, leaving them vulnerable to financial ruin in the face of events such as natural disasters, theft, burglary, personal injury associated with the business, fraud, debt and workplace accidents to name a few. At the very least you should be covered for Public Liability, Personal Indemnity and Worker’s Compensation insurance.


Westpac Business Insurance

Westpac offers a range of business insurance options to suit the needs of small business owners. For information visit the Westpac website.

Fiji National Provident Fund

Fiji’s largest financial institution is the only superannuation fund mandated by law to collect compulsory contributions from employees and employers, towards the retirement savings of all workers in Fiji. Workshops are run to help employers understand superannuation and how to lodge contributions. For information visit

Westpac Business Insurance

Westpac offers a range of business insurance options to suit the needs of small business owners. For information visit the Westpac website.

Association of Superannuation Funds PNG (ASFPNG)

ASFPNG is an industry body established to protect superannuants retirement savings. ASFPNG’s work includes addressing industry complaints, informing the public on industry changes and promoting and improving the investments of its members. For information visit


As an authorised superannuation, Nasfund makes prudent investment decisions across a range of sectors to achieve a balance that guards the best interests of members, and enables to payment of a retirement income in a timely manner at the time it is needed. It was the first fund licensed by the Bank of PNG. For information visit

Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI)

A regional technical assistance facility co-financed by the Asian Development Bank, the Government of Australia and the New Zealand Government; PSDI helps Pacific countries improve the enabling environment for business to support inclusive, private sector-led economic growth. One of PSDI’s five focus areas is the Economic Empowerment of Women, and through all of its analyses and recommendations PSDI works to see reforms implemented that improve economic opportunities for women. For more information visit the PSDI website here.

Australia Awards

The Australian Government-funded Australia Awards offer prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government offering the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development. For information visit the Australia Awards website.


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